Digital Candle

Digital Candle

Human-Computer Interaction Institute
Carnegie Mellon University



  • - Arduino HW/SW
  • - Coding


The idea of this project is to build physical interaction in digital form and also to make it fun. Basically it is a DIGITAL candle, but you can light it up with a REAL MATCH and even you can BLOW it out!

There are a delicate power switch and a led indicator outside the box, inside the box is an Arduino nano. Whenever the power is turned on, the candle calibrates itself based on the reading of environment. Inside the box, there is also a potentiometer, which can adjust it's sensitivity.

When I was implementing this project, I tried to build up my concept in another way, instead of using fancy parts such as thermo-sensor or aero-sensor, parts that are easier to get can also achieve the same goal. That's the idea I want to convey through this project.



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