Human-Computer Interaction Institute
Carnegie Mellon University



  • - User Research
  • - Visual Design
  • - Interaction Design
  • - Wireframes
  • - Flash Prototyping

Flash Prototype

Follow the instruction and drag "ticket, cash, or credit card" to proper slot of the kiosk to perform paying process.

* Interact with sounds.


Paying the ticket at the pay station kiosk at the East Campus Garage on Carnegie Mellon’s campus is often a struggle for people. This project looks deeper at this activity by providing task analysis, user study and a proposal to redesign the system. Even though the whole process of parking includes several subtasks such as: (1) Driving to the garage and getting a ticket from the gate. (2) Finding a spot to park the vehicle and leaving the garage. (3) Going back to the garage and paying for the ticket. (4) Finding the vehicle and exiting the garage.

This project focuses more on the part that users pay for the ticket at the pay station kiosk (Task 3) and the redesigns for kiosk and ticket for improving the usability issues.



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