Google Flights+

What's the problem?


"It snows, and all flights are cancelled just as you arrive at the airport. Design the UI for a smartphone, laptop, or kiosk (or network for the above) to let passengers rebook their flights.

How might you take advantage of the marketplace of other travellers?"

Why Google Flights+?

Imagine that the weather is really bad, and all flights are cancelled just as you arrive at the airport. Tons of travelers are forced to reschedule their flights, why do they have to get in line to access kiosks in order to rebook their tickets?

With this mobile app, passengers who have delayed flights will get a notification right away and this system also helps them to rebook tickets across airlines and provides assistance on hotel booking as well.

With these easy steps, it helps people get through the incident in a most efficient way.

How does it work?

While there is an incident, passenger who has this app and has a delayed flight will receive a notification and this app will help him/her to rebook ticket across airlines and also provides assistance on hotel booking.

The passenger could select an earlier flight released by volunteers with extra charge or a regular flight with no extra charge. Volunteers will receive credits from the airline and also get rescheduled for a later flight.

Wireframes + Workflow

User Interface

Interactive Prototype


Design Process


I started this project with a quick brainstorming to come up with design challenges and ideas by hand-drawing them on loose paper (see the section, sketches). Then I collected and synthesized all the information into insights.

One interesting thing is, actually I just had a cancelled flight last week and I stayed overnight at the airport. That incident also inspired me a lot.

User Studying

I interviewed two people who have experienced delay flights to understand what did they think and feel at that time and also how did they deal with the incident and also a few other people who took flights recently.

What did I learn?

- People don't know what to do if they've had no experience of cancelled or delayed flights before.

- People would like to have confirmation of any changes.

- People would like to have a system which is able to deal tickets across airlines.

- Airlines are not responsible for hotel/rental car booking if the cancelled/delayed flight was due to bad weather.


After the wireframes were out, I showed them to several people and talked to them in order to get feedbacks. Based on their comments, I had three iterations and then fine tuned them into the final version.


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