Fast. Informed. Organized.

Optimized for the mobile work style, WorxMail 2.0 helps users get to important content faster by keeping relevant information together, makes it easier to locate urgent and upcoming details, and leverages seamless integration points with WorxNotes and WorxWeb, as well as Citrix favorites like GoToMeeting and ShareFile.


Need to check the calendar while drafting an email? No problem. With our newly designed navigation, you can swap between mail, calendar and contacts quickly without losing your place.

  • Universal app refresh
  • View the next meeting
  • Access all settings


Quickly preview unread messages from the inbox using Fast Sort. Delete, Move, Mark as Read, or double tap to flag, so you can focus on the content that really matters.

  • Full email capabilities
  • Large message previews
  • Best for processing large batches of emails


Easily access the options needed to act on any message directly from the mail list. Perfect when the message preview is enough to know what you need to do next.

  • Full email capabilities
  • Short message previews
  • Best for processing a small number of emails

Collapse Calendar to View More Events

Abbreviate the month view to provide more visibility for the day’s agenda. The new view conforms to what you need with a simple swipe up or down.

  • Swap between month and list view
  • More space to view action-packed days

Even More Convenience

By removing a few seconds here, some extra taps there, we strived to create features to optimize your workflow and save you time on those small repetitive tasks you do throughout the day. Less work, more play.


How could we not? With WorxMail 2.0, we understand, small things matter.


  • Reply/Reply all toggle
  • View contact from email
  • Server side search
  • Attachment download
  • Editable events
  • Current time indicator
  • Easier access to common actions
  • Sync with local contacts
  • Folder sync
  • Improved battery life
  • Background refresh
  • Consolidated and organized settings